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Digitally Marketing moves and changes rapidly. You may be finding it impossible to keep up while also running a business. That’s what we are here for! We are in tune with the changes of digital marketing strategies and are ready to tackle any challenges you may be facing as a business owner. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with us today to discuss your goals!

Tractus Twelve has a Specific Approach to Digital Marketing. It is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Audience!

Hello, My name is Shelby Harvey. I have been working with businesses to help meet their digital marketing goals for over 7 years now. I have watched the marketing world transition from a product-centric marketing style to a social media & digital driven space.

Empowering small businesses to thrive in this new digitally driven world is one of my passions. I celebrate each of your successes as my own, but only for a moment: It is important to celebrate the wins, but it’s equally important to study why you were successful. That’s where my strength lies.

When I’m not crushing goals for my clients, you can find me hanging out with my kiddo and my wife or with my nose buried in a book (Or TikTok/Pinterest, let’s be honest).

Fun facts about me:

  • My personality type: INFJ

  • Purple is my favorite color

  • I dream of one day being a Doodle Dog Mom

  • I was raised in a tiny town in Northeast Oklahoma

  • I can watch Legally Blonde, Easy A, and any Melissa McCarthy movie on repeat and never get sick of them

  • I consider myself an honorary Gilmore Girl

  • I love to cook, but I cannot bake

  • My Spotify playlists are as sporatic as a mixed CD in 2007

  • My identity is somewhat wrapped up in my ginger colored hair (Not the same color in the photo)

  • I tend to binge watch the same shows instead of venturing to new things

  • I am a member of the Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney fandoms

  • I never quite outgrew my emo phase

  • I have an impressive collection of Funko Pops and I own a regulation sized Quaffle

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