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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the art of telling your story and building your own path to success. 

You have a story to tell. We can help you tell it.

Digital marketing includes a range of services to help build your brand across multiple digital platforms. Working with Tractus Twelve will help drive your business to new heights and accomplish your business goals. Learn more about the services we offer below. 

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is: You Have Options.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the art of tailoring a website to highlight key phrases and keywords to help Google understand the purpose of your website.

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Building a website and maintaining a website is a challenge and a large investment into your business. If nobody is able to find it unless they know to look for it, think about how much potential traffic you’re losing out on? 

SEO is the art of manipulating a website in specific ways to help it appear in the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). These methods also apply to other search engines, but to be honest most people have adopted Google as their primary search engine. 

Google has an algorithm that decides which websites appear based on the content they present. An SEO guru at Tractus Twelve will be up-to-date on methods and techniques to apply to a website to help ensure the website is easily found for a specific group of keywords.

Copywriting & Strategy

Website Content and Blogs are a good way to teach customers important things about your business and attract new customers.

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Website content isn’t just for your ideal customer. It is also for Google and other search engines to learn what your brand is about and who you are trying to reach with your service/product. 

A good strategist will be able to incorporate keywords and phrases that can both help the user and the search engine bot understand the purpose of your website. This combined strategy will save time and money if you ever choose to focus on your website’s SEO. 

Audience Analytics

Understanding your audience is a critical for a successful digital marketing campaign. 

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Audience analytics is the system of gaining a deeper understanding of your current and potential customer/client base. Knowing this information can help you improve your marketing strategy (hi, we’d love to help!), brand recognition, and overall customer experience.

Analytics can be collected with a large enough following on all social media platforms as well as with just a small snippet of code on your website. 

Tractus Twelve can help with ensuring the proper tracking measures are installed on your site, turned on on social platforms, and create reports to help you understand where to direct your ad budget or other marketing strategies.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management includes everything from a content calendar to graphic creation & posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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Let us set the scene: 
You are a busy business person with a million things on your plate for your business alone and let’s not even discuss the number of child appointments, extracurriculars, etc. Right? 

Do you have time to create your content? Do you have the time to engage with your client/customer base? Are you so busy working for your clients that you don’t have time to work for yourself? 

Social media management takes time, a clear goal, and strategic decision to work for your business. Tractus Twelve is equipped to create a social media strategy for you, create content, schedule posts, review analytics, the whole kit&caboodle.

Workshops & Training

Are you interested in learning tips on how to manage your own social media, optimize your website, etc.? You’re in luck. 

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We offer consultations to help you identify your pain points and find solutions to resolve them in-house.

Not every budget has room to hire an agency to complete digital marketing tasks off the bat, but that doesn’t mean you should just let it go either.

Schedule a consultation with Tractus Twelve to figure out small ways you can help boost your digital footprint.

The details:
-Sessions are offered by the hour
-Upon scheduling, we will chat with you to gain perspective and compile tips and tricks before your scheduled time
-$100 per hour

*Our Covid protocol is for all sessions to be held virtually (either over the phone or via video message)*

Website Development

Are you looking to update your website to a new seamless design?

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Your website should be a perfect reflection of your brand. At Tractus Twelve Marketing, we create websites that will build trust with your customers and become a sales funnel for your business. 

An added bonus to hiring Tractus Twelve to create your website is: We are SEO Gurus! Our websites automatically come with SEO copy and other behind-the-scenes strategies to help your website get off on the right foot if it’s brand new or not lose any traction if it’s a refresh!

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